Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goat's Milk Paint for the Tiny House Movement

I have been seriously interested in the tiny house movement for the last year or so.  I've watched with fascination as people have hand built all manner of houses - some small enough to be towed behind a truck.  Tiny houses are often portable but not necessarily intended to be driven all over.  They are mostly meant to be lived in full time.  It's not a vacation thing, but a lifestyle kind of thing.  Because of this, people put a lot of thought into every aspect of the space.  This is one of the places I see my Goat's Milk Paint being used.  Someone who has spent time handcrafting their home with care will appreciate using my paint that has also been handcrafted with care.
Zyl Vardos is probably my favorite builder, of movable houses right now.  This is their house called a pinafore:

The word, vardos is commonly associated with the Romanis, or Gypsy of history.  My understanding is that the era of the horse-drawn Gypsy wagon was quite short but the image carries on.

Likely there are more Vardos being made today than at any other time in history.  Here is one made by traveling book artists.  This is not their primary residence.

Many houses are built with salvaged materials and many houses are meant to blend with the surroundings.   Quite often green building practices are paramount in the larger plan.  There houses built into rock, on the water, in a cliff, and parked in friend's back yards.

Maybe one day we will have our own small house with a shop on a plot of land for goats.


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