Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursdays Inspire Me - The Oberhasli Edition

    The daylight hours are at their mid-winter lowest and the skies are a dreary gray.  It's important to look for inspiration and beauty, especially in winter.  It is appropriate then that I introduce the inspiration for my everything that is Goat's Milk Paint, and this blog, The Painted Shepherd.  
I'm the baby!
   The girls are ADGA registered Oberhasli Dairy Goats. I fell in love with them after one glass of their milk.  It wasn't goat-y tasting at all and in fact rivaled the milk from my dairy cow! I have studied all the goat breeds available, looked them all over at shows, and can say I wouldn't trade this breed for any other.   They are good producers of excellent quality milk, they are quiet (less noisy in a neighborhood than many cats), they are thrifty, and gentle. Best of all, these goats have lead to wonderful friendships with kindred spirits.

 Goats bring good things.
Oberhasli doeling, River

Giving input on the pen build
Just a little more this way
Sometimes in life, one has to take stock, re-evaluate and prioritize. When this happened in my life I decided to make the goats a priority.  These girls bring joy, laughter, milk, responsibility, chores, friendship, and beauty through the paint I am able to make because of them.

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