Monday, December 8, 2014

The Drop Leaf Table in Western Sage Milk Paint

    I've been doing a lot of R&D on my Milk Paint today.  I had mixed up several batches of sage green for my table but hadn't been satisfied until today.  I really had to do some research on colors and formulas.  What actually happened is that I mixed stuff until I was happy.  That makes this table a one of a kind color.  Well... I could approximate it, if need be.  To the right is the drained clabber ready to become paint.  (Yes all my photos today are taken in the winter afternoon sunlight).
    I've been dithering over the consistency of the lime slag and the ratio of lime to clabber.  In this mix I also added a small amount of lemon essential oil to carry the pigment deeper into the wood.  I studied more on titanium dioxide and why I like the look it imparts to many pigments.  Most of all, I have realized that I have to use far more pigment than I first thought.
     The first coat of milk paint is always rough.  I'm sure many a person has run to the hardware store for latex paint after the the first coat, but hang in there!  I wish I could get a more accurate picture of the color in this first coat.  But no time to spare - I'm off for a light sanding and a second coat of paint. When the piece is finished I'll post a picture.  It's looking very nice in spite of the first coat blues.

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