Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolutions or No?

It seems everyone has opinions on New Year's resolutions and so here I am to add my $.02. I'm generally "for" resolutions.  I think it's good for folks to stop and take stock of their lives, reflect, and change what needs to be changed or challenge ourselves to be better.  For many, religion offers such a time and place, but somehow people are drawn to seeing out the old year and resolving for better in the new.  I think it's generally healthy.

I'm excited to launch my Milk Paint in the new year, but that isn't really a resolution - it's a goal, a plan.  What I need to get resolve on is healthy lifestyle.  Yes, I have a bit of the Standard American Diet blues combined with a lack of exercise and advancing years. I've been raised with cultural and media expectations about body image and I largely beyond being overly influenced by them.  Of course that makes me a bit of a hermit and one of my resolutions is that I'd like to have a more active social life.

I also probably eat better than most people (in the world) because I have a garden and chickens and dairy goats and I care about what the animals eat too. We have a beef and the last of lambs of which I raised with care and on lots of good pasture.
Buying this book!

What I want to do is to be more intentional still.  Enter the Mediterranean Diet.  The Mediterranean way of eating is holistic, with lots of herbs, lots of garden greens and wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, olives, goat's cheese, olive oil and milk based dishes.  Wine and tea all play a part.   Add to this a robust social way of eating that is part of the Mediterranean lifestyle:  eating with friends and family and having folks stop by regularly.   Eating is social and generous and gregarious and healthy.   This has to be modified somewhat due to where I live - the opposite of the Aegean sea.  Right now I live in winter hell, but I have hope!  So, I may not be walking too many places until the weather improves, but I can do floor exercises.  I did go for a hike in 10 degree weather with a stiff wind today.  I went looking for my horses that didn't want to leave the trees for the warm water I brought them.

 Do I expect to become slender and 25 years old again?  Will I lose my pasty white complexion and become beautifully smooth and olive skinned? Ah, No!  Thee things are not going to happen.

 By paying attention to great food served under hospitable conditions may all our bodies continue to be healthy, strong and efficient well into the future.

Winter Hell is the reason I'm blogging about food and not out sanding furniture projects now, btw. The description of the blog says.. "and more".  That's a little like "other duties as assigned"

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